1. Madrid – Airport- Salamanca
2. Madrid – Salamanca – Salamanca
3. Valladolid Airport – Salamanca


There are direct express buses that take you from Madrid Airport to Salamanca. You will arrive at Terminal 1 or Terminal 4.

Buses are run by Avanzabus and it is advisable to buy your ticket in advance.
It takes 2:45 min to get to Salamanca
Price: approx. 40€. You can book your ticket here: Avanzabus

At Terminal 1 exit the airport building and turn left. (You can also walk inside the building along the corridor). Go after the BUS PARKING / Parking

In front of you there are two lanes for buses and taxis. You take the last passenger zebra and cross the street towards the parking lot. The parking lot is divided in two zones, something you cannot perceive at this point: the right section is for cars only, and the left section is for buses (the two sections are divided by a partition and do not communicate). You need to walk towards the left end and take the special entry. The buses parking there belong to different companies. You need to look for Avanzabus which is white with red stripes. The bus will be parked only 10 minutes ahead of departure time.

At Terminal 4 Try to walk within the airport building toward its furthest left end (keeping the building at your back and facing the street) and take the exit marked with a bus sign. You will walk out onto the street and cross the taxi lane. On your left you will see a sign for buses. There are 4-5 stands where different buses from different companies can stop. The sign mentions “Bus & Fly” and “ALSA”. This is the stop pf your company, too, Avanzabus. Buses are white and red. They will not arrive in advance, but will stop only at the announced time since they are coming on their way from Terminal 1 picking up passengers.

This is your bus:


From Madrid Airport to Madrid City Center (and vice versa)

  • By Taxi – Flat rate 30 €
  • By shuttle bus called EXPRÉS AEROPUERTO to the City Center. It stops at T1, T2, T4. It has a yellow-greenish color. Price: 5 € in cash and you buy it from the bus driver. Please have change. The drive takes 30 minutes it has different stops in the Center Atocha, Cibeles, For more Information: Bus Expres-Aeropuerto 
  •  By Metro from Madrid-Airport to Madrid (and vice versa)

    You have to buy a special ticket 2€ from a vending machine (valid for one day only) from Madrid Airport to Madrid Center. This can be a trying experience since sometimes there are lines of people who have trouble getting this ticket from the machine (like myself!!!)The pink Metro line 8 stops at Terminal 1 (T2, T3) and at Terminal 4.

    The pink Metro line 8 takes you to Nuevos Ministerios where you can change to the Circular Grey Line which takes you to Méndez Álvaro which is the Bus Station from where you can take a bus to Salamanca.
  • Travelling by train from Madrid Airport to Madrid City Center
    There is also a RENFE commuter rail (Cercanias) running from the Airport to Madrid Center, These trains are marked by a red C and they are faster than the Metro since they have fewer stops, and they take you to the center or Atocha and Chamartín train stations.  For more information and booking: RENFE

Travelling by Bus Salamanca- Madrid
Express Buses run every hour and they are fast and reliable. They go from Salamanca Bus Station to Madrid Méndez Álvaro Bus Station. Some stop at Moncloa in the City Center (Isla 1, Dársenas 14 / Isla 1, Dock 14) from where you can take the Grey Circular Line or the Yellow Line 3 depending on where you want to go. The ride takes 2.30 hours.

The Metro in Madrid Map: Check Madrid Metro Plan
More about the Metro:  Madrid Metro

Travelling by Train Salamanca- Madrid
There are regular trains from Madrid Chamartín Train Station to Salamanca. Check timetable and book tickets: RENFE

The regular train takes 2.45 hours
High speed trains, ALVIA, take 1.45 hours but there are only 4 trains per day.

Madrid Bus Station
Address: Calle de Méndez Álvaro, 83, 28045 Madrid. Open – Closes 1AM

Hone:  (+34) 912 72 28 32

Train Stations in Madrid
Madrid Chamartín – serves trains going to Salamanca and the North of SpainMadrid Atocha – serves trains going to the South of Spain

Some high speed trains like AVE, ALVIA may stop at both train stations.

Salamanca Train Station
Adif (Vialia, train station)

Address: Avda. de la Estación s/n, 37004 Salamanca. Phone: (+34) 902 240 202
It is a 25 min walk to the city centre.
Book at: RENFE

Salamanca TAXI: RadioTaxi: (+34) 923 250 000
Taxis can be easily found outside the train station and at several points in the city

Salamanca Bus Station
Address: Avda. Filiberto Villalobos 71, 37001 Salamanca. Phone: (+34) 923 236 7171

It takes a 20 min walk to the city centre.

Bus services are offered by several companies:
Buses connect Madrid-Salamanca and Madrid airport
Check timetables:

Car Rental
At Madrid Airport (Terminals T1 and T4)- Companies: Hertz, Avis, Enterprise Rent Car, Europcar, Sixt or Goldcar: AENA Barajas Aeropuerto Car Rentals

In Salamanca most car rentals are located next to the train station
Avis Alquiler de Coches en Salamanca
Paseo de Canalejas, 49, Phone: (+34) 923 269 753

Europcar Salamanca -Alquiler de Coches
Paseo De La Estación, 133 – 135, Phone: (+34) 902 105 055

Hertz – Estación de ferrocarril de Salamanca
Centro Comercial Vialia, Paseo de la Estación, s/n  Phone: (+34) 923 243 134

Enterprise Rent-A-Car (Atesa)
C/, Paseo de la Estación, 97, Phone: (+34) 923 187 998

Transport in Salamanca
Although most of the key places in Salamanca are within walking distance, you may want to use the local bus service or the taxi service.

There are a few seasonal flights from Barcelona and Seville to Valladolid Airport (Villanubla) with Ryanair and Vueling Airlines.
The shuttle bus run by Linecar from the airport makes several stops in the town centre, the bus station and the train station. The bus is black and yellow and reads “Airport Express – Aeropuerto” on the side. The trip to the bus station takes around 30 minutes costs 3€. Check the Bus Schedule
You can also take a TAXI: (+34) 983 291411  – (+34) 983207755

How to Get from Valladolid to Salamanca
Valladolid –Salamanca by Bus

There is a regular bus service Valladolid and Salamanca run by Avanzabus. Buses depart every 2 hours from the Bus Station situated Calle del Puente Colgante 2, Valladolid. Check the schedule. The bus ride takes 1:30 minutes. One fare costs 9.15€. The bus will leave you at the Salamanca Bus Station(Avenida Filiberto Villalobos 71). From there to the Plaza Mayor is a 15 min. walk.
Taxis should be waiting outside the bus station. A ride to the city centre is approximately 7-8 € or less. Taxi: (+34) 923 25 00 00

Valladolid –Salamanca by train
There are regular trains from Valladolid Train Station Campo Grande to Salamanca. Trains usually run at: 7:35, 9:40, 14:19, 19:12, 21:37 and 23:10. However, check the website and get tickets at: A one-way trip typically takes between 1.20 to 1.40 hours and one fare costs 12,25€.

Rent a Car
You can rent a car directly at the Valladolid airport (there is just one terminal, so all car rental companies available are there). Choose between Europcarand OK Rent a Car.

To make a reservation, call (+34) 902 503 010 or (+34) 902 1055 005
Customer service: (+34) 913 434 503

OK Rent a Car
Customer service: (+34) 902 360 636